Paul Draper

EP Two

  • kscope935
  • Release Date: November 25th 2016
  • £13.99

Following his first new music in twelve years (this summer's EP One), Paul Draper releases a second four track EP of new material. Paul Draper was the frontman, main songwriter and producer of Mansun - one of the most iconic bands of the '90s. The first track from EP Two, Friends Make The Worst Enemies, is a knock-out punch of a track; five minutes of relentless chasmic melody and melancholy - an immediate reminder of why Paul's songs were rarely far from the FM dial during his former band Mansun's supernova career, co-written and featuring The Anchoress following their collaboration successes on EP One and Catherine's solo album Confessions of a Romance Novelist. The following tracks: Some Things Are Better Left Unsaid, is a spacious ballad recorded on guitar and piano; Don't You Wait, It Might Never Come is a ramped up, surging rock'n'roll song; and the last track is a bare bones acoustic version of Friends Make The Worst Enemies.

12" - Limited and numbered 12" on Clear Vinyl.