Pip Blom


  • HVNLP168CD
  • Includes bonus disc
  • Softpack Digi Sleeve
  • Release Date: May 31st 2019
  • £9.99

Amsterdam based Pip Blom (guitar and vocals), her brother Tender Blom (guitar and vocals), Darek Mercks (bass) and Gini Cameron (drums) release their debut album of ten songs after a slew of singles on various indie labels (gotta catch em all)! Pip and Tender’s dad Erwin was in John Peel favourites ‘Eton Crop’ fact fans.

This is a young-punk indie-pop dance party from the heart. Chugging, chiming guitars, chanting girl/boy-gang vocals. These are sweet lulling, lilting and swaying pop songs with interplaying vocals. Harmonious call and response vocals flirt with dreamy and entreating guitar flurries with a vein of youthful hope. All copies come with Rough Trade Exclusive bonus CD of three radio session tracks and we have the only coloured vinyl version in the world.

"Rough Trade has always been special to us. Whenever we're in the neighbourhood we visit one of the shops. And when we're in East London we grab a curry on Brick Lane on the way out! So it's extra special to be able to do something back. Only with Rough Trade a white vinyl version of our debut album Boat Enjoy!" - Pip Blom 2019

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