Primal Scream


  • 88875138721
  • Black Vinyl
  • Release Date: November 27th 2015
  • £19.99

Since its release in September 1991, the inaugural mercury prize winning record has influenced countless bands and artists, been widely acclaimed by critics as one of the defining records of the 1990's and as one of the most inventive albums of its generation - the album had a huge effect on 90s popular culture, bringing acid house and rock 'n' roll to a unified mainstream audience that had until that point been disparate and underground.

2LP - Double 180 gram remastered edition by the band and Kevin Shields.

4CD - CD1 original 11 track album remastered by the band and Kevin Shields. CD2 Remastered 'Dixie Narco' EP. CD3 Screamadelica mixes (14 tracks). CD4 live 11 track recording from the Hollywood Palladium. All packaged in hardback book cover and contains booklet with liner notes and pictures.

Featured in: Essential, Best Cover Art of the Last 70 Years