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Strange Attractor

Celebrating unpopular culture since 2001, Strange Attractor Press is dedicated to publishing books from the outer edge, documenting lost, neglected, emerging, and underground currents from areas including anthropology, psychology, natural history, sound and music, film and the visual arts.

From 19th century mind control technologies to a 1930s celebrity talking mongoose, from animal communications to sounds gathered from the furthest reaches of outer space, from charlatan mystics in 1950s Soho to the queen of English folk music: whatever their subject our authors present detailed, deeply-researched texts in elegantly-produced volumes.

“The English speaking world’s most reliably weird and wonderful publisher. It has not so much discovered a niche as built one… it puts out handsome books that open your mind and get under your skin.”
Erik Davis, author of Techgnosis and Nomad Codes

“Strange Attractor goes precisely where mainstream and academic publishers on both sides of the Atlantic fear to tread… they’re at the top of my list for one-of-a-kind books displaying intellectual rigour, fine production values and - most important - playful curiosity.” Victoria Nelson - author of Gothicka and The Secret Life of Puppets.

“Strange Attractor Press has shown a sacred devotion to occulted knowledges, centrifugal visionaries, renegade academics heretical intellects, the fertile fringes.It doesn’t produce books so much as altered states of consciousness.” Sukhdev Sandhu, author of Night Haunts.

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Jamie (L) and Mark (R) of Strange Attractor Press