School Of Language

Old Fears

  • mi0305cd
  • Release Date: January 10th 2018
  • £5.99

School of Language is the nom de plume of David Brewis, a member of mercury prize-nominated pop group Field Music. 'Old fears'. It's a pop record. A place of clipped falsetto, melancholic funk, iridescent electro, shimmering post-punk, futurist prog. A self-contained sphere of strange sensations. beguiling textures. Lengthening shadows. It's early Inxs meets Grizzly Bear at DFA HQ. The title track, meanwhile, is reminiscent of the haunting Giallo film scores of Goblin or Kosmische music at its most moving, while 'Moment Of Doubt' displays shades of Brian Eno and Robert Wyatt. Other oblique influences come in the form of early Justin Timberlake and NERD albums, 'a bunch of disco records', Canadian experimentalist Sandro Perri, Dr John, Fela Kuti and Shalamar.The LP is on pink coloured vinyl plus Download.

Featured in: Label Focus - Memphis Industries