She Makes War

Brace For Impact

  • MBS1805LPC
  • Limited to 300 Copies on Clear Vinyl.
  • Release Date: October 5th 2018
  • £19.99

Right now, the world needs a warrior. Town by town and tour by tour, She Makes War has been widening her battle stance and soothing tortured souls with her no holds barred, peaceful protest music. Armed with songs to persuade and words that bite then linger with the sweetest aftertaste, She has a message – wake up world and Brace for Impact. The songs brim with the powerful personality of 90s Britpop babes Dubstar, Echobelly, Blur and Elastica via the gutsy riffage of Weezer, Soundgarden and Sleater-Kinney with a brazen nod to Nirvana.

LP - Limited to 300 Copies on White Vinyl.

LP+ - Limited to 300 Copies on Clear Vinyl.