Staff Albums Of The Year 2018

Tallulah (Rough Trade East)


1. BC Camplight - Deportation Blues

It’s pretty tough to find an album that EVERYONE in the shop loves, but we’ve done it. I love it. Alex from mail order loves it. Paddy from marketing loves it. Even Alex from WEST LONDON loves it. EVERYONE loves it, and so will you. Probably not after the amount of times I have played it in the shop. I’m sorry. This album contains some of the best pop and love songs ever written.

2. Stella Donnelly - Thrush Metal

This is a powerful EP, dealing with difficult subjects such as rape and victim blaming but tackled in such a beautiful, measured but haunting way. As a massive wettie, I generally measure the greatness of the song as the amount of times Ive cried to a song. I definitely couldn’t count that number on both my hands and feet combined. I was at her gig in London recently and I sobbed from beginning to end with no break.

3. Mattiel - Mattiel

This is one of the coolest albums I’ve EVER heard. The amount of times I’ve recommended this to customers and after the first 10 seconds they’re like ‘HELL yeah, she’s COOL’. She’s my favourite superhero.

4. Shannon and the Clams - Onion

My first thought that always comes into my head when thinking about Shannon and the Clams is some girl coming up to me at End of the Road festival whilst I was wearing the t-shirt and she absolutely FREAKED out because she LOVES this band and thought NOBODY knew them, wrong. Everyone knows them. They’re one of the BEST bands in the WORLD and this album is MEGA.

5. Car Seat Headrest - Twin Fantasy

I know this isn’t really an album that came out this year, it was just their 2011 album re-recorded, but oh hell its incredible. The amount of times I’ve listened to this album sitting on my windowsill in Leeds all melodramatic thinking I’m in a movie is unbelievable and embarrassing.

6. Molly Burch - First Flower

This is the kind of album you’d put on on a Sunday morning, when you’re slightly hungover, filled with anxiety and regret from the night before. It will take away all of your worries, stroke your hair and remind you that love IS real. You’ll soon be taken back to walking through a lush field of sunflowers. That is EXACTLY how this album sounds.

7. The Nude Party - The Nude Party

If you haven’t heard this album you really need to get a move on. It’s the kind of album I sit on the floor in my bedroom listening to, donning my cowboy hat and bolo tie, getting slightly drunk to alone and just LOVING it… pretending I’m from the Wild West.

8. The Goon Sax - We're Not Talking

This album is impossibly charming, and so are the band. It makes me want to recite a long list of inspirational quotes like ‘your imperfections are your perfections’ and the like. Its a beautifully relatable pop album dragging you on a journey through all of those awkward moments on your trip to adulthood.

9. Caroline Rose - Loner

I first found out about this album because I woke up one morning after going clubbing and found a note to myself of from 3am saying ‘Caroline Rose Loser’. This is the first and only time EVER that I’d written down a song that was playing in a club. Ever since this one moment, Caroline Rose’s album and I have had a fantastic friendship.

10. Amyl and the Sniffers - Big Attraction and Giddy Up

This album makes me want to kick off my shoes, take off ALL my clothes and do LOADS of drugs. Listen to this album and you’ll feel like a 70s punk sex queen, want to quit your office job and move to Australia. You’re welcome.