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When it comes to turntables, Technics have a glorious, peerless legacy that puts them at the heart of the artist community - the turntable for many musician and DJ.

For us at Rough Trade, the return of the Technics turntable is a wonderful endorsement of the vinyl format we love so dearly.

If you love music, whatever the genre, the Technics SL-1210GR is the turntable we highly recommend.

Technics HiFi celebrated its 50th anniversary in 2015, returning to hand-making turntables the following year with the new SL-1200G. Technics has always been synonymous with innovation, introducing the world’s first direct drive turntable, the SP-10, in 1970 and the legendary SL-1200 two years later. The SL-1200’s innovative design and solid build made it a fundamental contributor to the emerging hip hop culture. The turntable’s unique qualities shaped the method and the sound of the music of the genre, and would later set the paradigm for how DJs played in music across the club scene.

Sl1210gr mainvisual
Technics SL-1210

The new SL-1210GR is the 21st Century version of the 20th Century design classic. Technics made so many SL-1210's (and it’s silver sister the SL-1200) that they literally wore the tooling out. The development of new materials and motors, plus the demand created from the rebirth in vinyl (often made to a better standard than original releases) gave Technics the chance to redesign the iconic turntable from the ground up. Everything, bar the lid & hinges, has been redesigned using newer tech/materials – whilst retaining the design familiar to users all around the world. A small, but significant change, is that the phono and power leads are no longer hard wired – making the new turntables even more flexible than their predecessors. Overall, here at Rough Trade, we can’t recommend this new Technics turntable highly enough.

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