The Boy Least Likely To

Christmas Special

  • tytd020cd
  • Release Date: November 29th 2010
  • £7.99

Strawberries and cream, cocktails and sunsets, bert and ernie. some things were just meant to go together. and so it is with the boy least likely to and the holiday season. they go so perfectly together, it is as if the christmas album was a concept thought up especially for them. after all, no other band manages to sound quite so happy and quite so sad at the same time. like christmas itself, the band's songs are brimming with joy and excitement, at the same time as being undercut with melancholy and a feeling of sadness, a longing for something absent or lost in adulthood. so while they were writing songs for their next album they took a break to spend the summer writing and recording this collection of holiday hits. included here are eight new original songs by the boy least likely to alongside three seasonal cover versions. there are snowflakes and sleigh bells, christmas trees and mistletoe, donkeys and single parents. while 'george and andrew' imagines george michael and andrew ridgely reunited to spend a christmas eve together in a cornish pub. all in all, it might just be the best christmas party ever.