The Claim

The New Industrial Ballads

  • TURN65CD
  • Limited 14 Track CD housed in Gatefold Sleeve.
  • Release Date: May 24th 2019
  • £8.99

There is no English or British equivalent of Americana. If there were it might sound something like the New Industrial Ballads and The Claim would be seen as one of the originators of the genre. What we’re talking about here is not an English group playing American music. This is a group of musicians making a beautiful and original hybrid that channels the root ingredients of classic English guitar music – folk (Bert Jansch, Nick Drake), thoughtful, melodic pop (Michael Head, Ray Davies) and angular politically tinged pop (Paul Weller, Elvis Costello, Wolfhounds), into something that is contemporary and original.

A recent feature in El País, Spain’s biggest selling newspaper, described the band's reissued 1988 album Boomy Tella as the missing link between the Kinks and Blur. The New Industrial Ballads (released by A Turntable Friend Records), are the group’s first new recordings since 1992. It is how the group sound 30 odd years later if they’d continued to play and develop, rather than quit. It’s different, it’s interesting but it is still distinctively in the mould that made the group the true pioneers of Britpop in the late 80s / early 90s.

CD - Limited 14 Track CD housed in Gatefold Sleeve.

LP - Black Vinyl with Download.

LP+ - Limited Blue and Green Vinyl with Download. 100 Copies Only and Rough Trade Exclusive.

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