The Cornshed Sisters

Tell Tales

  • mi0214lp
  • Release Date: January 10th 2018
  • £12.99

Not actually siblings, but from a similar north-eastern folk tradition to Rachel and Becky Unthank, the Cornshed Sisters are a four-part girl harmony group who include Marie Du Santiago from Lauren Laverne's old pop-punk band, Kenickie. With songs delivered in beautifully entwined voices, themes of lost loves and watery deaths tap deep into the area's musical heritage, although the cannibalism depicted in Pies for the Fair may alarm anyone considering a house purchase in Sunderland. At best, their songs raise temperatures and eyebrows. Dresden, written by unknown Geordies Les Cox (sportifs), finds an unlikely metaphor for love in the RAF's bombing of Germany in the second world war, while The Beekeeper is a tale of a man loving his wife to death. The music – traditional piano and guitars, or a cappella, almost barbershop arrangements – doesn't always match the vim and character of those words and voices. When album closer Sail to Me sounds tantalisingly on the verge of something bigger, it could be a microcosm of the band themselves.

Featured in: Label Focus - Memphis Industries