The Shins

Port Of Morrow

  • 88691926701
  • Release Date: March 19th 2012
  • £16.99

limited to 1000 copies. 'port of morrow' is the shins' first new material in four years and in a world where the young 'uns are dabbling in skew-whiff electronica and art funk 'jams' with varying results, this glorious record is a timely reminder of how to craft good old, solid indie rock built on smart storytelling and melodies that head straight for the heart. highly unfashionable, yes, and not a huge departure for the band admittedly, but why deviate from a formula that produces music as swoonsome as opener 'the rifle's spiral', buzzing riff-tinged ode to existential angst 'it's only life', the skittering and sweet 'bait and switch' and 'no way down' and thundering drums-led epic 'simple song'? these are love-on-first-listen songs that have made us fall for the shins all over again.