The Stroppies


  • TLV119CD
  • Four Panel Digipack.
  • Release Date: March 8th 2019
  • £9.99

Rough Trade Albums of the Month - March 2019

This is the debut album from Melbourne-based former members of Primetime, Boomgates, Twerps, Possible Humans and many more!

Gus Lord, Rory Heane, Claudia Serfaty and Adam Hewitt play on vintage synths, rain sticks, bits of old doors and whatever is to hand.

Jaunty joyous guitars, chugging plaintive dual vocals. Stripped down simple hypnotic melodies. Basic like the first time someone discovers a song or a melody. Chiming notes given plenty of space. Simple and sweet harmonies. Chining guitar jangling. Piping organ chirping joyfully.

LP - Black Vinyl.

LP+ - Limited White Vinyl.

CD - Four Panel Digipack.

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