The Triffids

The Black Swan

  • triffcd6
  • Release Date: April 21st 2017
  • £5.99

The Black Swan as it intended to be : a sprawling double CD masterpiece with influences ranging from tango to hip hop, and including long lost demo gems. The completion of The Black Swan is the result of David Mccomb's explicit wish regarding the band's back catalogue. It was meant to be the Triffids White Album - unfeasibly eclectic, in keeping with the songwriter's mood at the time - he was stretching out like there was no tomorrow and be it hip hop, Greek music, tango, country rock or even his own early songs, no style of music was safe from plunder. The double album Dave had hoped to unleash was pared back to a more commercially sensible single album by Island records, though it was still wonderfully diverse, especially by the standards of the times. Produced by Stephen Street, Dave and the band's extensive period of demoing his swag of songs with the assistance of collaborators such as James Paterson, Adam Peters, Victor van Vugt and Stephen Street himself bore some remarkable fruit. This new edition is the double CD sprawling messy masterpiece as envisaged by David Mccomb, featuring a bonus disc containing demo versions of 14 songs from the main album and 3 exclusive demos. it's a testimony to the variety of music which influenced the music of the Triffids.