Les Salauds

  • luckydog16
  • Release Date: October 14th 2013
  • £14.99

Continuing a long and fruitful creative relationship, Tindersticks have completed their 7th original film score for renowned director Claire Denis, for her provocative thriller 'Les Salauds' (Bastards).. The film offers confirmation, were it needed, of the Denis's status as one of the most exciting and innovative filmmakers currently working, and of one of the most consistent and unique partnerships existing between a director and a group of musicians. Marking a fundamental stylistic departure for the band, the hypnotic electronic score resonates the darkly sensual and dreamlike rhythms of the film's revenge narrative, featuring a new twist on the Hot Chocolate classic 'Put Your Love in Me'.CD -  housed in thick card sleeve with inner.LP - 180 gram vinyl housed in 300 Gram Sleeve.