Staff Albums of the Year 2018

Tom M (Rough Trade East)

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Alex and I at the Old Blue Last after watching Nude Party....Photo by Grace!

1. Idles - Joy As Act of Resistance

They tore the place apart at their two shows here at East this year! They were my album of the year last year and they have delivered again on album number 2. Musically it follows the same path as Brutalism but lyrically it is much more focussed, channelling the rage and anger that some of us find it difficult to emphasise about modern Britain.

2. Courtney Marie Andrews - May Your Kindness Remain

This record came out early in the year and the first two time I heard it I kept getting distracted (by work obvs) so couldn’t fully appreciate it. It wasn’t until Alex Bailey and I were blaring out of the speakers at 6.30am the week after Record Store Day that I got to fully appreciate it and it blow me away…and the final chorus of the opening track still does.

3. Colter Wall - Songs From the Plains

As every review of this album has said, Colter Wall writes like a man beyond his years. The 23 year old from Swift Current, Saskatchewan, writes songs of such poignance coupled with his rough but sensitive baritone vocals conjures up a sound it is difficult to forget. His last album was great and this one is just also great…..Colter Wall is great!

4. Everything is Recorded - Everything is Recorded

An album comprised of all the young skills and talent Richard Russel has at XL, the result is a great amalgamation of influences to produce a fantastic listen throughout. The man signed Adele..... he knows what he is doing.

5. The Beths - Future Me Hates Me

The best band to come out of New Zealand for ages. Joyous, and infectious from start to finish delivered by an insanely perfect vocal. Glorious song writing.

6. Noname - Room 25

The majority of people will go for Pusha T (which is dead good) but this is the best Hip-Hop album of the year….trust me…it is!

7. Bill Ryder-Jones - Yawn

Never fails to amaze. Is it Happy? Is it sad?..who cares it is incredible.

8. The Nude Party - The Nude Party

A wonderfully crafted record of country tinged Velvet Underground inspired outstanding songs. (and the sweatiest gig of the year….see the photo at the top)

9. John Prine - The Tree of Forgiveness

One of the best songwriters of all time returns…. perhaps with his greatest album? No one mixes humour and sadness within out right great songs like John Prine.

10. Lump - Lump

There has never been an album Laura Marling has put her name to that I haven’t liked this is no exception.