Unusual Sounds - The Hidden History of Library Music

  • ARC0632
  • Release Date: November 9th 2018
  • £9.99

Unusual Sounds encapsulates the niche and fascinating subculture of library music. Genres were spliced, conventions dispensed with, and oftentimes hybrid music of astonishing complexity was produced. Elements of rock, jazz, soul, even twentieth-century avant-garde composition were all utilized, and no stone was left unturned in the 20 track compilation. As a result, some of the best library music defies all categorization, reflecting the individualistic quirks and artistry of the various musicians who made it. It features tracks from Keith Mansfield, John Cameron, Stringtronics, Klaus Weiss, Peter Platzer, Joel Vandroogenbroeck and Walt Rockman etc.

Featured in: Nico's Albums Of The Year 2018