We Were Strangers

  • 9780995596610
  • Paperback
  • Release Date: September 6th 2018
  • £12.99

Rough Trade Books of the Year 2018 No.4

We have always lived in the factory. We were born here, amongst the engines and the lathes, the conveyor belts which stretch for miles. Not one of us has been outside.

Joy Division remain one of Britain's most influential and best-loved bands, their music as dramatic and compelling now as when they first appeared forty years ago.

Unknown Pleasures, their debut album, is their definite document, a brooding, thrilling record whose cryptic contents have haunted the imaginations of a generation of listeners.

The ten new stories in We Were Strangers, each of which takes its title and inspiration from a song on the album, offer an original, distinctive and wide-ranging response.

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'We Were Strangers' - Configo Publishing

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