Vera Sola


  • VS0001cd
  • Cardboard Gatefold CD, One Pocket with Lyrics.
  • Release Date: November 9th 2018
  • £9.99

New York/Canada singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Danielle Ackroyd is an actor who's toured with Elvis Perkins band and is Vera Sola.

This is her debut album and she played every instrument herself including the bones, broken glass, chains and hammers for percussion… Reverential organ-backed sweet, sweet notes, cascading rippling piano, reverberating drum beats. These folk-tinged harmonies have a touch of the ghost of a spaghetti western drifting across the prairie. A definite folk trill that’s an eerie vibrato into another world.

Poems and stories delivered in a mannered but casually dismissive style -full of sorrow, yet arch and wry. Songs of the present that conjure the past. Accounts of women and their ghosts: echoes of memories that just won’t quit; of relationships over or current but fleeting; of the extinction of species; the violent capture of a feminine landscape and the spirits that stick around long after; messengers from the other side. For fans of David Lynch, Mazzy Star and all things ethereal, 60's classic pop, Spector productions and Warpaint.

CD - Cardboard Gatefold CD, One Pocket with Lyrics.

LP - Standard Weight Vinyl housed in Reverse-Board Jacket with Download.

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