Source Rocks / Wu Me Seh (Paul Woolford / Christophe Remixes)

  • mmm11
  • Release Date: April 13th 2018
  • £8.99

Vyvyan wants to keep his real identity secret, which is something I can’t help but respect (I did the same for a couple of years). Without the context of personality, the music really does do the talking, and in this instance it has a lot to say. Both original tracks on offer here are unashamedly dance floor focussed disco / techno mutations, and they’re both as compelling as they are fun. For remixes we’ve drafted in Paul Woolford, a genuine UK legend, who by this stage is irrefutably nestled in the top tier of the British electronic music Royal Family. His remix perfectly displays the unconventional wit, and mastery of groove, that’s propelled him to where he is today. I imagine its the only track we’ll ever release that begins on a breaks and baseline assault, and ends on samples of farmyard animals. Finishing off the release we have a remix by my dear friend Christophe (Futureboogie) in advance of his own artist EP on Me Me Me later this year. Christophe skews the original’s frenetic rhythms in to a vintage sounding bumping piece of machine driven house with an Italo-esque twist, which is as good as this description sounds.