Whale City

  • bay110cd
  • Housed in Card Wallet.
  • Release Date: June 1st 2018
  • £9.99

The second album from Warmduscher. South London recidivists Warmduscher include members of Paranoid London, Fat White Family and Childhood. There is power in repetition. Longtime Warmduscher biographer Dr Alan Goldfarb describes Whale City as “a rock opera so vast in magnitude that - were in not for my being strapped naked to a chair in a garage – could send a man hurtling towards the outer perimeters of uncharted space.” It’s difficult to argue with. The characters that inhabit Whale City are, as the title suggests, larger than most aquatic life forms. A cast of millions. Pretty Lilly, Whale Jimmy, Uncle Sleepover, Ice Cream Keith, Disco Minny. The people you walk by late at night with bottles in their hands and money in their pockets. The woman with bright red lipstick and straight razor smiles. Thrill seekers to a person. Powerful. Intoxicated. Intoxicating. In the words of Clams Baker, Whale City is “a playground for the people that have stepped above and beyond their comfort zone.” What are you waiting for? If you love the repetition of the Fall, the chaos of Fat White Family and own a Pebbles or Nuggets compilations - then this a must have.

LP - Black Vinyl with Postcards and Download.

LP+ - Rough Trade Exclusive shared with the Band / Label. 500 Copies on Gold Vinyl with Postcards and A4 Zine. Comes with Download.

CD - Housed in Card Wallet.

Featured in: Albums of the Year 2018, Label Focus - Leaf, Albums of the Month - June 2018