Weekend Recovery

In The Mourning

  • GHOST001
  • Release Date: September 28th 2018
  • £5.99

Weekend Recovery continue to improve their accomplished sound throughout 2018 and introduce a wave of new listeners to their powerful and tireless world of unyielding sound as they gear up to release their latest rapturous, vitality infused EP In The Mourning. The latest EP delivers on a direction which has seen lead singer Lori purposefully reposition the band amongst the 'Garage Rock' genre. With the aim of moving away from their previous punk roots, In The Mourning has been constructed to offer a mix of tones which echo from within the very core of the band. With the success of their previous album Get What You Came For, Lori has doubled down on the transparent window into her own turbulent world that Anyway provided with a formidable and resonating track in I'm Not That Girl. Whilst mentioning turbulence, if you're looking for something heavier to distort the very fabrics of your ears, the title track is firmly supported by two equally resonant songs in Bite Your Tongue and On My Knees.