Wendy Rene

After Laughter Comes Tears - Complete Stax and Volt Singles and Rarities 1964 - 1965

  • LITA80LP
  • Release Date: May 10th 2019
  • £32.99

Double LP housed in gatefold tip-on jacket. First ever anthology of southern soul legend Wendy Rene. 11 singles, 9 rarities and 2 unreleased songs. Notes by Andria Lisle interviewing Wendy Rene. Unseen photos and original label art. Glorious mono sound restored and remastered from the original tapes. Born Mary Frierson in Memphis, Tennessee, home of Stax records, Wendy Rene was christened by Otis Redding on signing to Stax as a teenager in 1963. Back then, she and brother Johnny Frierson, both singers at the church of god in christ, were determined to make it in music. Forming singing quartet the drapels with two friends, they took the bus to 926 e. Mclemore Avenue, auditioned for Stax co-founder Jim Stewart, and won a deal on the spot. Both Drapels and Wendy began recording with the greats - that's the MG's on the group's Young Man, Booker T Jones playing organ on After Laughter and Steve Cropper playing guitar on the dance craze-inspired Bar-b-q, the success of which caused Wendy - then a teen bride - to leave school. The Drapels dissolved almost as quickly as wendy's first marriage, partly due to the attention lavished on youngest member wendy's solo career. but a real hit eluded the singer, and in 1967, with a growing family with second husband and Stax employee James Cross, Wendy decided to retire from the business.