Yo La Tengo

I Am Not Afraid Of You and I'll Beat Your Ass

  • ole6922
  • Release Date: September 11th 2006
  • £6.99

it's rare that a band whose existence spans two decades can make one of the best albums of their career at this juncture, but yo la tengo have achieved it here. once again moving the bar for what can be done in just one record, no two songs sound the same. there's everything from epic soundscapes to jaunty popsongs, to gorgeous love songs with a few rock and roll numbers thrown in. a dash of humour, a smattering of falsetto and a huge dose of that unique yo la tengo charm make this record a contender for album of the year. its been three years since 'summer sun' but in the meantime they have been extremely busy. they've released 'the today is the day' ep, as well as the mammoth collection 'prisoners of love: a smattering of scintillating senescent songs 1985-2003'. they have released a compilation of songs they covered for an annual wfmu radio fundraiser called 'yo la tengo is murdering the classics', they've toured constantly, appeared on tv (they're in an episode of the gilmore girls along with sonic youth) and have done quite a bit of soundtrack work. this includes the score for the recent phil morrison oscar nominated movie junebug, and the new james cameron mitchell (headwig and the angry inch) movie shortbus, which is previewing at cannes. american