Astrid Gnosis


Label Music/Is/For/Losers Genre UK & EU Cat no. mifl11


Expat, visual and sound artist Astrid Gnosis explores social and emotional collapse through her work — a heady mix of abstract textures, fractured beats, cinematic atmos-pherics, twisted melodies and off-the-wall vocals. Now living and working in London, Astrid began writing music when she was just 13 years old. She's crafted sonic installations for exhibitions and art performances, alone and collaborating with other artists. She’s made the soundtracks and sound design for a number of short films, the most recent will be shown at the London Short Film Festival 2017. Agnosis, a conceptual six-track EP is about “tacit conflict and subsequent collapse”, painting a greying, dystopian picture of where our futures might be headed.“ Agnosis means ignorance in greek, this EP is the first part of a cognitive map of fear, strength, faith, fate, love and hate.” These themes are catapulted into flux across all six tracks on Agnosis; from the hollowed out ambience on gentle opener, Arab Spring, the off-kilter experimentalism and crunchy beats of Severe Delays to the rebellious, bastardised hard techno of final track, Titan, Astrid, in her own words, ‘glorifies discomfort’.