Break of Lights

Label Hakt Recordings Genre Electronic Cat no. hakt009cd


Hakt Recordings irelease 'Break of Lights', the stunning debut LP from French musician and DJ Harold Boue, aka Abstraxion. Full of melancholic reveries and hybrid explorations, 'Break of Lights' reveals Abstraxion to be a standout producer and true obsessive to his craft. 'Break of Lights', consequently, abounds with texturally rich, rapturous gems and thoughtful meditations on the passage of time. Album opener 'White Rain,' featuring the whispered vocals of Parisian artist Chloe, winds plaintive guitar around modular synths and Abstraxion's own ghostly vocalizations. 'Moon' bubbles with blinking synths and blip-and-bleep effects that, in a titular nod, flash celestially. 'Every Night I'm Lying' marries tremendous beats with gorgeous vocals from Danish singer Astrid Engberg. Possibly the most hypnotic track here, 'Around Me,' warms with sonorous synths that speak like beautifully indecipherable utterances. And 'Les Histoires,' dedicated to the producer's father, emerges with half-recalled conversations from childhood, then drifts - as if via time - through spectral keyboards that filter past like memories.