Boss Hog

Brood Star EP

Label In The Red Genre America & Canada Cat no. itr302


New York City's most dangerous rock 'n' roll band is back with 'Brood Star', a four-song maxi-disco 12-inch, distilled, vivisected, surgically altered, bound, spindled, remixed and mutilated into a tantalizing amuse-bouche for their forthcoming full-length album, 'Brood X'. Boss Hog has traveled to the edge of the physical realm and the far side of human comprehension to bring back an unprecedented listening experience. 'Brood Star' is a scalding hot treat, broiled by cosmic rays and ripped from the furthest reaches of the audible universe. Primitive, raw, punk rock'n'roll, re-imagined for a New World, it swarms like prehistoric insects rising out of deep hibernation. Listen to Brood Star now. Feel it unfold inside your brain. Succumb to your future - a world without war, a world without pain. Do not attempt to adjust your stereo. Boss Hog was formed in 1989 by Cristina Martinez and Jon Spencer. The band has released three disturbed and sexually incendiary studio albums and as many EPs, along with numerous slashing, unparalleled singles. New York City's most provocative and original rock 'n' roll band.