Genre America & Canada Cat no. krank104


deerhunter are the most highly tipped new signing to kranky for many, many years. 'cryptograms', their second full length, is a massive priority for the label in 2007. their live performances almost always leave audiences polarized, and have been referred to by karen o of the yeah yeah yeahs in nme as bordering on a religious experience. deerhunter began in 2001 with the ambition of fusing the lulling hypnotic states induced by ambient and minimalist music with the klang and propulsion of garage rock. 'cryptograms' first side begins with an introduction leading to the title track, and ends with the tape literally spinning off the end of the reel in the middle of a drone layered with bells and accordion. the second half of the record, also recorded in one day, in november of 2005, represents the band in an entirely different state, focusing on a more psyche-pop angle.