Butcher Bear

Don't Save Yourself (Ras G / Shit and Shine Rmxs)

Label Gangsigns Genre Electronic Cat no. gs006


The label formally known as gangsigns is now gangsigns72 and here is the next excellent release on a very excellent label from a very excellent artist. Limited to 300 only with a bespoke 'wraparound' poster sleeve and hand stamped. Butcher Bear aka Butch Webster hails from Austin, TX and is one very talented all round dude. He's one of the co-founders of the producer-based event and crew Exploded Drawing, he books the North Door and he owns and operates (iN)Sect Records in the capital city of Texas. 'Don't Save Yourself' kicks off with the Dilla style 'ineedyouneedme' before heading into the more electronic jab of 'blood, mud, water'. Next up are four heavy hitters of the boom bap variety, kicking off with the huge 'barbaric rhetoric', 'punch the bull', 'feel that' and 'this is how the game gets you played'. So far every one a winner - a sure shot end to end burner. Now we get the exclusives to this 12" and this 12" only. First up, Craig Clouse aka Shit And Shine drops a serious piece of drum thunder in the shape of his 'all hail the new boss' remix and then Ras G and his African Space Program follow up with a swipe at 'feel the difference..' Two absolute fucking killer remixes to top a killer release. A fine, fine record.Limited vinyl with download for the full lp.full tracklist -A1. ineedyouneedme ft.Sir Froderick A2. Blood, Mud, Water (Scheel's World) A3. Barbaric Rhetoric ft. Chief & the Doomsday Device with BoomBaptist A4. Punch The Bull ft. Reaganometry B1. Feel That ft. Muamin Collective B2. This is How the Game gets you Played ft. SelfSays & DJ Shardstyle B3. All Hail the New Boss, Just Like the Old Boss ($hit & $hine remix) B4. Feel the Difference in the Velvet Coffin ft. Graham Reynolds with Sampler & Son (Ras G and the Afrikan Space Program remix)