Kate Carr

I Had Myself a Nuclear Spring

Label Rivertones Genre UK & EU Cat no. rivertonescd7


Rivertones release the field recordist Kate Carr's new album, 'I Had Myself A Nuclear Spring'. An eerie symphony of cracking power lines, cries of water birds and the high pitched wine of nuclear towers, Carr's recordings trace the temporary wetlands of Marnay-sur-Seine, situated alongside a large nuclear power plant, just after the flooding of the river. Carr's work centres on articulating the relationship between people and place through sound. Her work draws on field recording, experimental composition and concepts and critiques of sonic mapping. She is the founder of Flaming Pines. Carr's great success throughout on 'I Had Myself a Nuclear Spring' is to use melody quietly and sparingly to draw the ear towards the uneasy dialogue between simmering electricity and the sounds of the marsh, the nuclear and the wildfowl.LP - With Download.