Iceberg Nerves

Genre Oz & NZ Cat no. khlp1403


Lowlakes wrote and recorded their debut album 'Iceberg Nerves' around its title track. The song embodies elements special to the band and is indicative of their sound as a whole with its sense of other-worldliness and space.  Around it they created a conceptual album that "listeners could escape to" - Tom Snowdon, one with textures, words and sounds that flow throughout, making it a record that needs to be heard in its full enveloping entirety rather than in parts. Originally from Alice Springs in the central Australian desert, Lowlakes moved away from the city to record Iceberg Nerves at the boutique Kunsthaus studio in Mount Eliza, on the Mornington Peninsula, Victoria, with producer, Manfred Kaindel. "Isolation and space is something Lowlakes constantly feeds off. We seem to find more room to think and create when we're away from the city."