Living Fields

Label Ninja Tune Genre Jazz Cat no. zencd221x


Portico (formerly Portico Quartet) release their new album, 'Living Fields' via Ninja Tunes. 'Living Fields' is an album of catharsis and redefinition, born of a desire to create newness out of loss and change. You could also say that the band Portico themselves have undergone a process of ending and re-beginning. Portico make music which moves forward towards distant places while offering rare intimacy as well, arriving somewhere between structured pop songs and a disintegrating ambience, a unique blend of the sublunary and the celestial. Portico are Duncan Bellamy, Milo Fitzpatrick and Jack Wyllie. Previously they were three-quarters of the highly successful and critically-acclaimed Portico Quartet. But 'Living Fields' is no continuation under a shortened name. As far as the band are concerned this is a debut. There are three remarkable singers on this record: Jono McCleery, Joe Newman (Alt-J) and Jamie Woon. These are not just guest performances and it shows. Long established relationships between them all allowed for a consistency of thought and expression which makes this a truly remarkable record.CD  - Softpack with foldout poster. Softpack cover printed on uncoated black-board with spot varnish. Poster booklet is uncoated. LP - LP with uncoated black-board sleeve with spot varnish and 12" uncoated insert. 180 Gram vinyl.