Nova Nova / Joy Division

Love Will Tear Us Apart / Sweet Eiffel

Genre New Wave & Post Punk Cat no. cfr004

Limited and numbered to 500 Copies on White Vinyl.


This is a result of several fortuitous events. In 2002, former Sex Pistols manager Malcolm McLaren had been living in Paris for several years when he met and hired Thierry Criscione to produce his new album. Malcolm then subsequently contacted his old friend Tony Wilson at Factory Records as he wished to use the Ian Curtis lead vocal from 'Love Will Tear Us Apart' in a new track called 'Love Will'. This was essentially a mix of the classic Joy Division song in juxtaposition with the Captain and Tennille US No 1 'Love Will Keep Us Together'. Thierry Criscione then asked his old friend Marc Durif from the French electonica band Nova Nova to finalise the track's production. Marc put together two different songs using the Ian Curtis vocal track. Upon completion Tony Wilson was given a copy of the first song 'Love Will' who passed it on to Peter Hook. The second song initially stayed with Marc Durif. A few years later, after hearing that Peter Hook included 'Love Will' in his own DJ set, Marc Durif sent a copy of the second song to Peter Hook, being a beautiful acoustic piano arrangement of 'Love Will Tear Us Apart' using the full original Ian Curtis vocal. The track was very warmly received by Peter Hook who subsequently went on to work with Marc on a track called 'Low Ends'. Roll on a further 10 years and new London based record label 'Curious Fox Records' was searching for its next release. We then heard this fabulous track through the ex 'Rich Kid's/Visage' member and visionary electronica DJ 'Rusty Egan'. They tracked down Marc Durif in France who travelled from Paris to London to approve the release over a curry and a beer on Drummond Street. They then set about the process of securing approval to release the track via Joy Division's management, record label Universal Records and MCPS. When Curious Fox Label owner Bob Robinson first heard the original 'Love Will Tear Us Apart' in January 1980, he was in Cargo Studio Rochdale recording tracks with his band 'The Negatives'. The song was played to him by John Brierley the day after John had engineered an early recording of a version of the track in Pennine Sound Studio. This song feels like an emotional homecoming for the label. Curious Fox are absolutely overjoyed to release this track, so that more people can hear not only how beautiful a version of the song this is, but also so they can once again hear the magnificent voice of Ian Curtis (RIP).

CD Single - Limited to 100 numbered Copies.

7" - Limited to 300 Copies on blue Vinyl (Sold Out)

7+ - Limited and numbered to 500 Copies on White Vinyl.