Lyla Foy

Mirrors the Sky

Label Sub Pop Genre UK & EU Cat no. spcd1078

Sub Pop Label of the Month - September 2016 - Free 12" Sampler with purchase while stocks last


Limited copies come with a bonus Mix CD that Lyla has put together exclusively for Rough Trade. 'Mirrors the Sky' is the debut album on Sub Pop for 25-year-old London songwriter Lyla Foy who previously released a 7" under the moniker Wall. The vibe on 'Mirrors the Sky' is still restrained romanticism and dreamy drama. Foy had no problem scratching her pop itch on songs like the electro-grooved 'I Only' and 'Feather Tongue' and the slightly rockier (in a Christine McVie way) 'Impossible.' Just try getting those choruses out of your head. Blips and bleeps comfortably mix it up with live drums, and Foy's keys, guitar, and bass help fill in the rest of the gentle soundscape. Throughout the record, synthesized and organic sounds play off each other's strengths, giving everything a cool edge while burning with passion. All of the songs started with Foy building layers of beats, keyboards, and vocal melodies in her computer, and she worked quickly to bottle her inspiration at the source, usually completing the skeleton of songs in a few hours. For fans of Kate Bush, Lykke Li and Bats for Lashes.LP - Limited coloured vinyl loser edition with download.