The Charlatans

Modern Nature

Label BMG Genre UK & EU Cat no. 538014152


The Charlatans - Tim Burgess, Mark Collins, Martin Blunt and Tony Rogers - release their twelfth album, 'Modern Nature' on BMG Chrysalis. 'Modern Nature' features eleven new tracks, including the limited edition 7" singles and 6 Music A List records 'Talking In Tones' and 'So Oh',  as well as the forthcoming single 'Come Home Baby', also A listed at 6 and recently added to the Radio 2 playlist. The album was produced by The Charlatans and Jim Spencer and mixed by Craig Silvey (Arcade Fire, Portishead). The album features a cacophony of contributors from their three temporary drummers - Pete Salisbury of The Verve, Stephen Morris of New Order and Gabriel Gurnsey of DFA's avant-disco group Factory Floor, to Kate Bushs' backing singers Melanie Marshall and Sandra Marvin, strings by Sean O' Hagan and brass courtesy of Dexys' Big Jim Paterson. Q have already described the album as " one the finest of their career", whilst the Guardian have called it "a triumph". The album comes after a difficult year for the band following the death from brain cancer of their old friend and drummer Jon Brookes last year. Rogers says that they were determined to carry on to honour Brookes' memory.LP2 - Deluxe Double LP set on coloured vinyl with a bonus five track 12" plus CD Version.LP - Black Vinyl with CD Version.LP+ - Clear Vinyl repress with with a bonus five track remix 12".