Do Make Say Think

Other Truths

Cat no. cst062cd


Cat no. cst062lp


bucking the trend towards diminishing attention spans, immediate gratification, snappy digital singles and things that go 'pop' right out of the gate, do make say think admirably stick to their roots and allow the vines that spring from their fertile musical garden to wind, curl and climb for as long as required. more than ever, the players keep their heads down, creating wonderful multi-movement instrumental works (with the occasional mantric or wordless vocal passage, courtesy guest singers the akron family and lullabye arkestra), overflowing with attention to tone and timbre, animated by unfussy yet ornate harmony, melody and polyrhythm, shot through with ineffable soul. the four songs on 'other truths' are vintage do make say think, and the album represents the first time since the band's debut (recorded over a dozen years ago) that they have found themselves with an entire collection of songs that unfold so organically over long duration. as testament to the unfettered evolution of these tunes, the band has titled them simply 'do', 'make', 'say' and 'think'. ultimately it is tricky to distill what has made do make say think so compelling to so many critics and fans over their 13-year history, but inarguably something beyond the sum of its parts has always sparkled through their music, an amalgam of many elements that seem present all at once, on every song and through every album: cerebral, emotional, atmospheric, visceral, cosmic, pastoral, synthetic, organic, meditative, ecstatic. 'other truths' rallies them all once again, in new and dynamic ways, bearing the distinct imprint of the band's sound a brilliant addition to the band's canon.