Label Atp Genre Electronic Cat no. atprcd53


London electronica trio Eaux sound like Fuck Buttons on a comedown: all glacially moving synths and snowdrift vocals. Formed in London in early 2012, Ben Crook, alongside Sian Ahern and Stephen Warrington, centre their foreboding towers of shadowed sound around the hypnotic release and repetition of techno; however, although 'Plastics' does display minimalist tendencies, the group never allow their rhythmic patterns to become static, a heavily analogue approach to everything they do putting a very human face to this machine-made music. 'Plastics' is an electronic album where influences past and present cancel each other out in stasis to create an album that exists in a timeless era.CD - 9 Tracks.LP - 8 Tracks plus Download featuring the full album and extra CD track.