Royce Wood Junior

The Ashen Tang

Label 37 Adventures Genre UK & EU Cat no. adventure017v


Label 37 Adventures Genre UK & EU Cat no. adventure017


For fans of Prince, Kindness, Stevie Wonder and D'Angelo. 'The Ashen Tang' is a refreshingly modern album that nonetheless sounds like an instant classic, taking in myriad influences and sounds both new and old, from the infectious funk jams of Prince and Stevie Wonder and the simmering neo-soul of D'Angelo to the sparse, maverick beats of J Dilla and Flying Lotus and more, all spilling forth in Royce's infectiously off-kilter, multi-layered production and that magnetic voice. Whether it's the fuzzed out wonky R&B of 'Honeydripper', special guest-featuring 'Jodie' and instant mood-lifter 'Clanky Love', the rich down-tempo beauty of the guitar (and heartstring) plucking 'Midas Palm' and stirring piano-led 'Stand', the almost-beatbox falsetto robofunk of 'Twiggin'' or the delicious wooziness of the '80s-tinged 'Bees', a distinct thread weaves through Royce Wood Junior's twisted take on classic soul, pop and funk that holds each moment together. A remarkably confident and multi-faceted debut from one of the UK's best new artists, 'The Ashen Tang' shows without doubt that the praise is justified, and there's yet more to come.CD - Limited copies come with a bonus CD 'Tonight Matthew- featuring four bonus tracks.LP - With Download. Limited copies come with a bonus 12" featuring an unreleased Royce track remixed by Jamie Lidell.