Cavern of Anti Matter

void beats / invocation trex

Label Duophonic Genre UK & EU Cat no. duhfcd33



Cavern Of Anti-Matter are the new band from Stereolab mainman Tim Gane, now Berlin-based and collaborating with original Stereolab drummer Joe Dilworth, and synth wizard Holger Zapf. This is their first album proper following limited edition vinyl releases on Grautag, Deep Distance, Peripheral Conserve and Associated Electronic Recordings. The album is an epic 72 minute journey featuring guest vocals from Bradford Cox (Deerhunter), Sonic Boom (Spacemen 3), and sound processing from Jan St. Werner (Mouse On Mars). Opener Tardis Cymbal is a mighty opener, a melange of chattering drum machines, organ drones and twinkling guitar in 7/8 time. Pantechnicon is an arpeggiated mix of Orbital and John Carpenter whilst Hi-Hats Bring the Hiss takes a doomy, teutonic path through industrial electro.