Little Lapin

Wake Up With The Sun

Genre UK & EU Cat no. ll033


Evocative and inviting; Wake up with the Sun is the third album from Devon born, Cornwall based singer-songwriter Lucy Hill who performs under the moniker of Little Lapin. The album opener, a beautiful Joni Mitchell-esque folk-tinged track, inspired by Lucy's nomadic lifestyle, sets the mood of the album which is full of feeling and warmth. Lucy spent over a year living on the road with her family on the rugged coast of Cornwall, her quest for autonomy in England is evident in the opening lines, "Can we find a quiet spot in England? Can we find a wild spot in the Kingdom? Somewhere to park our home that isn't a designated area for shopping or parking". Having spent an intrepid five years in New Zealand, her musical birthplace, Lucy returned to the UK a few years ago to start a family and found that life on the road in the UK with a family was more challenging than she had anticipated. Tracks such as Isn't life for living and A song for Alex are poignant reminders of how precious time is. Lucy's voice has drawn comparisons to a young Sinead O'Connor, an optimistic Laura Marling and even a cool Chrissie Hynde.