Do Make Say Think

You, You're A History In The Rust

Cat no. cst045lp


since constellation issued their self-released debut record in 1998, do make say think have made one critically-acclaimed album after another. they are one of the most consistently inventive instrumental rock bands of the past decade, and one of the most self-realised. 'you, you're a history in rust' is the fifth record by do make say think and a brilliant extension of the bands unique sonic narrative. in many ways the new album picks up where 'winter hymn country hymn secret hymn' left off - acoustic finger picked guitars are the recurring compositional anchor, with drums and percussion fluttering around these campfire themes while horns and electric guitars gather in swarms. as with previous releases, do make say think set up in remote locations for the main recording sessions, tracking these new songs at a cottage and barn in rural ontario. band member justin small plays in lullabye arkestra and charles spearin plays in broken social scene. 180 gram virgin vinyl.