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DIY Gamer Kit (with Arduino)

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  • $97.50

What is it?

The DIY Gamer Kit is the latest DIY technology kit from Technology WIll Save Us. With this kit you will build your own handheld games console then learn how to program your own video games using Arduino and our custom software library.

The DIY Gamer kit is a great-looking, well-engineered object that would most importantly inspire people to learn. It has the classic gaming controls you would expect but has the bonus added features of a buzzer to allow you to add music to your projects and wireless infrared links to allow you to link up with other Gamers for multiplayer gaming. Yes that right you can battle your friends and enemies.

How does it work?

The DIY Gamer Kit takes about 2 hours to solder and make your own console - depending on your skill set. It is important that you download the handy how-to manual from the Technology Will Save Us website or watch the How To Video that will show you how to solder and introduce you to all of the components.

Then following the simple how to Videos online and cheat sheets you will be introduced to the wonderful world of Arduino where you will learn how to code physical objects. ONce you have been introduced to Arduino you can now get to grips with the custom software library we have built for you. This will help you use the Gamer's most common features and make it as easy as possible to get you programming straight away. Check out our how to video to start by creating a simple image, then add more frames to create an animation. Then using the library features, our library cheat sheet and your imagination start bringing in the different controls to create your own games. Now experiment, invent, play and share your creations.