Durandjonesandtheindications byrosiecohe2

Albums of the Month - March 2019

Durand Jones and the Indications - American Love Call

Rough Trade Exclusive. Limited transparent purple vinyl with download plus bonus CD.

The second album from Louisiana-raised Durand Jones and his band, The Indications is a sweet symposium of mid-60s Stax pop and pan-American soul.

The record opens with some gritty Chicago soul, an ode to the under-appreciated and under-represented across America. The imagery is so vivid you can almost see the steam vents and main line under passes before your eyes. His brooding voices bubbles with rage at the state of the union, while the guitar weeps in the background. In this moment Durand Jones stands tall on the shoulders of Curtis Mayfield, Baby Huey and Gil-Scott Heron.

Beyond the more political statements, Durand Jones and The Indications sing of unrequited and unconditional love. As the album rolls on Durand's dulcet tones are embellished by Motown Hit Factory signatures, four to the floor beats, rich harmonies, sweet guitars as well as falsetto contributions from drummer Aaron Frazer all the time slaloming between the great cities of American soul.

The sounds are suitably familiar and an arresting respite to the brouhaha of modern living.

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