Alexander Tucker

Alexander Tucker is a British artist and musician known for his work in the hardcore band Suction in the early 1990s. He later played in Unhome before joining Füxa on tour, where he began experimenting with detuned guitars, pedals, and tape loops. In 2000, he released his first self-titled album on U-Sound Archive, followed by Old Fog on ATP Recordings five years later. Tucker has collaborated with Stephen O'Malley on Ginnungagap and with members of Guapo on The Star Gazers Assistant. His third album Furrowed Bow was released in 2006, followed by Portal in June 2008.

Throughout his career, Alexander Tucker has also contributed to various projects and releases including a limited double-7" on ATP. His unique sound can be compared to artists such as Lau Nau, Grumbling Fur, Bill Orcutt, Laura Cannell, Richard Skelton, Ulaan Khol, Philip Jeck, Richard Youngs, Sunburned Hand Of The Man,and Daniel O'Sullivan among others.

With an impressive discography and diverse collaborations under his belt,Alexander Tucker continues to push boundaries and explore new sonic territories through his artistry.


Alexander Tucker
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