Cleveland Eaton

Cleveland Eaton was a multi-talented musician, producer, arranger, composer, and publisher. Born on August 31, 1939 in Birmingham, Alabama, U.S.A., he had an impressive range of musical skills including piano, saxophone, trumpet, tuba, and string bass. He was also the head of his own record company based in Birmingham. Throughout his career, Cleveland Eaton made significant contributions to the music industry and left a lasting legacy.

With his diverse musical abilities and extensive experience as a producer and arranger [and composer], Cleveland Eaton brought a unique perspective to his work. His talents spanned across various instruments including the piano [saxophone], trumpet [tuba], and string bass. This versatility allowed him to create rich compositions that showcased his exceptional skills.

In addition to being a talented musician,[Cleveland Eaton] also took on roles as a producer,[arranger], composer,[publisher] which further highlighted his expertise in the music industry.[Throughout his career], he worked with numerous artists[on various projects] and played an integral role in shaping their sound[s]. His dedication to music extended beyond performing; he established [his own] record company based in Birmingham which served as a platform for promoting new talent[artists].


Cleveland Eaton
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