Eerie Wanda

Eerie Wanda is the brainchild of audio and visual artist Marina Tadic. Born to Croatian parents in the former Yugoslavia, Marina became a political refugee when she was just 6 years old. Forced to leave their home due to the Bosnian war, Marina's parents sought asylum in the Netherlands, which is where Marina grew into an adult, became an accomplished artist, and where she still resides.

With influences ranging from indie rock to dream pop, Eerie Wanda's music captivates listeners with its ethereal melodies and introspective lyrics. Drawing inspiration from personal experiences and her unique perspective as a refugee, *Marina* creates songs that resonate deeply with audiences.

If you enjoy artists such as Hand Habits, Someone, or Amber Arcades, then Eerie Wanda's music will surely be a perfect addition to your collection. With a discography that showcases her artistic growth and evolution over time, *Marina* continues to push boundaries and create music that defies categorization.


Eerie Wanda
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