DJ and producer Moodymann is based in Detroit, Michigan. With a unique blend of soul, funk, and electronic music, he has become a legendary figure in the underground music scene. Known for his enigmatic persona and eclectic sound, Moodymann has released numerous critically acclaimed albums and singles throughout his career. His deep understanding of music history and ability to create infectious grooves have made him a favorite among both fans and fellow artists alike.

Moodymann's passion for music started at an early age, growing up in the vibrant musical landscape of Detroit. Influenced by the city's rich musical heritage, he began experimenting with different genres and styles, ultimately developing his own distinct sound. Drawing inspiration from Motown classics, jazz improvisation, and electronic experimentation, Moodymann creates tracks that are both timeless and forward-thinking.

Over the years, Moodymann has gained a reputation for his captivating live performances. Whether it's at intimate clubs or major festivals around the world, his DJ sets are known for their seamless transitions between genres and their ability to keep audiences dancing all night long. With an extensive discography spanning over two decades, Moodymann continues to push boundaries and challenge conventions within the electronic music industry.


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