Omar S

Omar S is a renowned DJ and producer hailing from Detroit. With his distinct sound, he has made a significant impact on the electronic music scene. He is the founder of FXHE Records, a label that has become synonymous with quality underground music. Drawing inspiration from artists like Theo Parrish and Larry Heard, Omar S creates mesmerizing tracks that blend deep house, techno, and soulful melodies. His music resonates with fans worldwide and continues to push boundaries in the industry.

Similar to other talented artists such as Moodymann and Ron Trent, Omar S's unique style sets him apart from the crowd. His compositions are characterized by their raw energy and infectious grooves. Fans of Shinichiro Yokota and Galcher Lustwerk will appreciate his ability to create immersive sonic experiences that transport listeners to another dimension.

With an impressive discography featuring releases like "Just Ask The Lonely" and "Thank You For Letting Me Be Myself," Omar S has solidified his status as a respected figure in electronic music. Whether you're a fan of classic house or cutting-edge techno, his diverse range of influences ensures there's something for everyone in his captivating productions.


Omar S
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