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Psychic TV is a post-industrial supergroup that was formed in 1981 in Hackney, London. The band was founded by *a22533* and *Peter Christopherson* after the disbandment of Throbbing Gristle. They were later joined by *Alex Fergusson*, resulting in the creation of their classic album "[m=17374]" in 1983.

After the departure of Peter and John Balance to focus on their project Coil, Psychic TV's style shifted towards psychedelic or acid rock, which they referred to as "hyperdelic" rock. In 1987, Alex Fergusson left the band, leading to a return to more electronic-based music with contributions from artists such as *Fred Giannelli*, *Greedy Beat Syndicate*, and *Richard Schiessl*. Psychic TV became pioneers of acid house with fake compilations like "[m=17878]" and "[m=76308]", as well as various releases under different monikers.

The band faced challenges including constant touring, recording, a relocation to the USA in 1993, closure of their independent label Temple Records in 1994, and most notably, the separation from Paula P-Orridge. This left Genesis P. Orridge as the sole permanent member of Psychic TV. The name "Psychic TV & Genesis P-Orridge" was used for re-releases and experimental projects before Genesis formed The


Psychic TV
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