Richard H. Kirk

Richard H. Kirk (born 21 March 1956, Sheffield, England - died 21 September 2021) was an English musician who specialized in electronic music. He was a member of the industrial music band Cabaret Voltaire, formed in 1973. Kirk released his first solo album "Disposable Half-Truths" in 1980 and developed a parallel solo career alongside the band until its dissolution in 1994. His music featured a fusion of diverse genres from dance-oriented Techno and House to Experimental Electronica and Ambient.

In 2009, Kirk resurrected the Cabaret Voltaire name as the sole member. Throughout his career, he left an indelible mark on the electronic music scene with his innovative soundscapes and boundary-pushing compositions.

Richard H. Kirk's unique style continues to inspire artists today. Similar performers include B12, The Black Dog, Two Lone Swordsmen, Sweet Exorcist, LFO, Speedy J, Air Liquide, Ultramarine, sun electric Electronic Eye Seefeel Global Communication Autechre Cylob Meat Beat Manifesto Bochum Welt The Future Sound Of London Plaid Muslimgauze.


Richard H. Kirk
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